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Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to our forwarding service, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as laid out below.

We/us - Partwork Distribution
You - The person subscribing to a forwarding service

1) Where you have used our billing address, you accept full responsibility and that we are not liable for any monies owing by you to your partwork build-up company.

2) Any received documents regarding billing wi
ll be forwarded to you.

3) You are responsible to take out a partwork build subscription. You are required to use us as the shipping address. You continue to own all communications regarding the build with the partwork company.

4) You MUST ensure that your subscription is active. Even in the event of missing\later parcels from the partwork company, it is vital you build up subscription credit for if\when we have an influx of parcels to be forwarded to you.

5) If you do not have enough funds to cover forwarding, we will ask for a top-up, or you can wait until further monthly payments have been collected from us.

6) If you cancel your forwarding subscription with us, we will cease to forward any further parcels, from the date\time of cancellation.

7) Any parcels recieved without an active subsctiption, we will communicate with you. We
will hold for a period of 28 days unless a top-up payment has been made to allow us to send the parcel to you. After 28 days, the item willl be destroyed.

8) You must have one subscription forwarding service with us, per partwork build. I.e. 3 builds, 3 subscriptions.

9) You are to notify us of any change in address
as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in missing\returned items.

10) You agree to pay a monthly handling fee as set-up why buying the service and the associated monthly shipping costs.

11) You accept that there could be disruption to partwork build subscriptions and\or postal services, that could result in delays to us receiving\sending and you receiving parcels.

12) You understand that we cannot forward items to you if you do not have sufficient funds. To avoid this, we advise you do not cancel your subscription service with us.

13) You are required to cancel your subscription with us once you have receieved the last issues, completing your build. We will not be issuing refunds for uncancelled subscriptions.

14) Your subscription to us does not include full builds.

15) We will issue you with tracking details and it is your responsibility to track\contact the appropriate shipping company.

16) We will provide 4 week notification of service changes, which could be, not limited to, our address, handling fee, shipping fees and top-up charges.

17) We will un-package
\review customs and address\contact details and re-seal or re-package as necessary.

18) We will use the best rate possible when shipping your parcel, using a tracked service from UK based
Royal Mail.

19) We, where possible will file a compensation claim for damaged/missing parcels that we have shipped.

20) We are not responsible for any custom charges\tarrifs\taxes at any delivery point.

21) Where items are returned to us, we'll confirm with you the shipping details are correct and subject to sufficient subscription funds, we will re-send.

22) We are not responsible in anyway for damage/loss of any parcel we have\have not received or forwarded.

23) If anything is incorrect with the boxes we ship, this must be taken up with the partwork company by yourself and resolved.

24) We reserve the right to alter our service conditions or cease to operate with giving one month notice.

25) We are unable to ship prohibited items from the UK.

26) Shipping charges are based on an average item weight oh 2kg. We may seek additional payment for 'special' items, such as bulk/build stands etc.

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